Service Partners In
The Netherlands, Liechtenstein & Switzerland.

Our service partners provide services that allow our clients to seamlessly acquire, store and manage their precious metals securely. We are currently looking to expand the number of advisory partners in the Netherlands to meet growth demands.

Storage Partners

EM Global Service AG is our partner in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and specializes in the purchase and management of precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Palladium & Platinum.

Transportation Partners

Our European clients can have their precious metals delivered in full or in part upon request by one of our trusted partners. Transportation of your precious metals is always insured.

Advisory Partners

Our team consist of mortgage advisors, wealth planners and asset managers. We are up to date with the latest market trends and readily available to review your portfolio.

Why Become A Dutch Advisory Partner.

We are expanding our advisory team in the Netherlands. Mortgage advisors, wealth planners and other financial experts are welcomed to join our team and become an advisory partner. We offer comprehensive training and a rewarding compensation plan. As a partner you can introduce precious metals to the portfolio of your clients.

  • Offer Multiple Precious Metal Plans

  • Get Access To Our Expert Network

  • Get Access To Back Office Support

  • Sell Gold At Wholesale Prices

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Over the years, we have provided precious metals solutions for investors & individuals.
    To continue to grow we will be expanding our team of advisors within the Netherlands.

    1. What type of advisory partners are you looking for?

    We are looking for Investment Advisors, Retirement Planning Advisors, Wealth Management Advisors, Estate Planning Advisors, Tax Advisors and Mortgage Advisors to partner with.

    2. Are there license fees involved in becoming a partner?

    No license fees are required to become a partner.

    3. In which regions are partners needed?

    We are looking to partner with 20 experienced Tax, Finance and Real Esate advisors in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht in 2024. In the year 2025 we plan to expand our partnerships to include Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium.

    4. What is required to become a partner?

    To become a partner advisors should have a portfolio of 100+ clients and preferably have have expertise as an Investment Advisor, Retirement Planning Advisor, Wealth Management Advisor, Estate Planning Advisor, Tax or Mortgage Advisor.