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Saving for your long-term goals requires having some level of certainty. We believe in the stability and security that gold can provide. We offer three basic saving plans and endless variations to meet your specific family needs. View some of our plans below.

Child Saving Gold Plan

The Child Gold Saving Plan is available starting from €50 per month. The plan has no minimum duration and by will automatically mature on your childs 18th or 21st birthday based on your preference.

Adult Saving Gold Plan

The Adult Gold Saving Plan is available starting from €75 per month. There is no fixed duration for saving, but instead a set target amount. You can save until your desired target amount is reached.

Senior Saving Gold Plan

The Senior Gold Saving Plan is identical to the Adult plan. However, in addition to saving monthly you can also choose to make an initial lump sum deposit so you can reach your target amount more quickly.

Benefits Of Using Our Saving Plans.

Due to inflation, your money is contstantly loosing value each year. As an alternative to saving money, you can purchase and own precious metals instead. Your precious metals are estimated to be worth more than paper money you would have saved. At any point in the future you can choose convert your precious metals into money in order to use it. Based on the independent resource, Gold has seen an average 20 year return of 8.9% as per December 2023. This was slightly behind the U.S. stocks with an average return of 10.3%.

  • Protection Against Inflation

  • Access To Your Stored Gold

  • Guaranteed Target Amount

  • Flexibility In Monthly Saving

  • Flexibility In Precious Metals

  • Additional Growth Bonusses

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Contact us if you have questions relating to our precious metals plans.
    Here are some questions that are often asked relating to this topic.

    1. How can I start saving precious metals?

    The first step is to have one of our advisors explain you our precious metals plan in detail. You will then receive a contract for review. In this contract you can determine your end target amount and how much of each precious metal you wish to purchase monthly. Get in touch with us for more information.

    2. Can I access the precious metals that I purchased?

    Yes. You will have your precious metals stored in our storage facility in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. You can schedule an appointment at any time to visit the facility to see the precious metals that were purchased. You can also choose to submit a request to have your precious metals sent from your vault and delivered to your address. The transportation will be fully insured. You can choose for a full or partial withdrawal.

    3. What is the minimum amount I can save monthly?

    For a child under 18 years the minimum amount is €50 per month. For an adult the minimum amount is €75 per month.

    4. Can I temporarily pause my monthly savings?

    Yes. If due to circumstances you are unable to save for a month, you can pause your precious metals savings contract for a period of time and resume whenever you are ready.

    5. Are the precious metals I saved insured?

    Yes, your metals are insured for 100% at our storage facility in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The Financial Market Authority (FMA) in Liechtenstein is the regulatory entity and authority for licensing and admission of Financial service providers. Liechtensteinis is know as a Financial center in Europe having access to the European Single Market and the Swiss Market.

    6. Can I open a savings account for someone else?

    Yes. You can open an account for another individual. The monthly savings will be withdrawn from your bank account.