Our Team Understands
Dutch Pension Laws
& Financial Markets.

Our team has extensive knowledge in the financial markets and in particular precious metals investments. Gold is generally seen as one of the most certain and secure assets one can possess. This is evidenced by its use by finance experts, banks and governments as a hedging tool.

  • Retirement Planning Expertise

  • Financial Markets Knowledge


Gold protects against inflation and currency fluctuations.


Owning Gold gives me a sense of security for the long term.


I trust Gold more than the currencies of countries.

Knowledgeable Experts

Our diverse team of experts has access to information from Investment Advisors, Retirement Planning Advisors, Wealth Management Advisors, Tax Advisors and Mortgage Advisors located here in the Netherlands. As a team we can add security, flexibility & protection to your portfolio.




Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have questions relating to precious metals investments.
Here are some questions that are often asked relating to our business and services.

1. Are my precious metals investments insured?

Yes, your metals are insured for 100% at our storage facility in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The Financial Market Authority (FMA) in Liechtenstein is the regulatory entity and authority for licensing and admission of Financial service providers. This strict regulatory body governs and monitors the activities of all service providers involved in storing, securing and transporting your precious metals.

2. Where are my precious metals stored?

Your precious metals are stored in a vault in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is a Financial center with access to the European Single Market and the Swiss Market.

3. Can I withdraw my precious metals at any time?

Yes. Upon request your precious metals can be transported to your address. The transportation insured for 100% the value.

4. Are precious metals competitors cheaper?

Prices of precious metal saving plans are always fluctuation. As a general rule howver, our wholesale precious metal prices are cheaper than the competitors on the market. In addition, we also offer up to 15% in extra bonusses for 30 year saving plans.