We Offer Gold Saving Plans

Our goal is to make investing in precious metals easy, accessible and affordable for more individuals. By sharing our knowledge about the benefits of precious metals and offering saving plans, we assist clients in building wealth and creating a sustainable future for themselves and their families. Our team of experts are ready to help you get started.

Why Buy Gold

Gold can help protect your savings against inflation and market risks. It is known for offering stability and preservation of value.

  • Hedge against inflation & deflation

  • Insurance against money printing

  • Safe haven in economic turmoil

For Families

Provide more security for yourself and your family with one of our precious metals saving plans. Our plans start from €50 per month.

For Investors

Add protection to your investment portfolio by purchasing precious metals. You can make a one time deposit starting at only €3,000.

For Partners

Our team of precious metals experts is growing and we are partnered with advisors in The Netherlands, Belgium & Germany.


Client Ratings

Clients award us with 4.9 star ratings showcasing their satisfaction with our customer service and our saving plans.

Thanks to the consulting services of Holland Premium Gold I have been able to add precious metals to the balance sheet of my company as an investment.

Barry V.


Our Mission

Our team is committed to making investing in precious metals easy, accessible and affordable to everyone.

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